Weekly Update for 5/29/15

Blog Post for 5/29/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

New Matterhorn Climbing Record (Novice)

Dinosaur Bones Discovered in Chile (Intermediate)

Buddhist Festival in Sri Lanka (Advanced)


Newscast: New Matterhorn Climbing Record (Novice)

Essential Question: How does geography affect what people do in their free time?

Content Objective: List reasons people enjoy mountain climbing by listening to a newscast and writing a reason.

Vocabulary: climb, mountain range, summit, gear, harness, take their time

Summary: Daniel Arnold of Switzerland set a world record while climbing the Matterhorn. He reached the top in just 1 hour and 46 minutes, which is ten minutes less than the previous record. Arnold is now the fastest man to climb the mountain.


Newscast: Dinosaur Bones Discovered in Chile (Intermediate)

Essential Question: How do we learn about the past?

Content Objective: Make inferences about the past climate and environment based on the new dinosaur discovery.

Vocabulary: discover, traits, herbivore, buried, hammering, paleontologist, species

Summary: The fossils of a strange dinosaur called Chilesaurus Diegosuarezi were recently discovered in the region of Aysén, Chile. The body of the dinosaur looks like an ostrich-size Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Newscast: Buddhist Festival in Sri Lanka (Advanced)

Essential Question: How does religion play a role in life today?

Content Objective: Compare the Festival Vesak to festivals in the US on a Venn diagram.

Summary: Thousands of people from all over Sri Lanka visited Colombo to celebrate the Buddhist festival, Vesak. The festival celebrates Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. Buddhism is the most popular religion in Sri Lanka and the festival was celebrated all over the country. The capital city of Colombo was decorated with lanterns, colored lights and Buddhist flags. Many people set up stands where they handed out free food and drinks to visitors.

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