Weekly Update for 5/15/15

Blog Post for 5/15/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Rare Baby Leopard (Novice)

Bamboo Bikes in China (Intermediate)

Earthquake in Nepal (Advanced)


Newscast: Rare Baby Leopard (Novice)

Essential Question: How do living things meet their basic needs?

Content Objective: Label the physical characteristics of the clouded leopard on a picture.

Vocabulary: jaw, hunters, spotted fur, blend in, weigh (weight), patches

Summary: A rare clouded leopard was recently born at the Lowry Park Zoo. The baby leopard’s name is Mowgli. He was named after the boy in the famous book and movie, The Jungle Book. Mowgli got to meet lots of children and play outside for the first time. Mowgli is special because he is a very rare type of leopard, called a clouded leopard. Clouded leopards were given their name because of the large patches of color on their fur.


Newscast: Bamboo Bikes in China (Intermediate)

Essential Question: How can we reduce human’s impact on natural environments?

Content Objective: Decide if you would like a bamboo bike by using a graphic organizer.

Vocabulary: saw, sand, wheels, pedals, sense of pride, exhaust

Summary: A bicycle shop in Beijing is making bicycles out of bamboo. The company is called Bamboo Bikes Beijing. The owner, David Wang, believes that making bikes out of bamboo, a natural material, is better for the environment and will encourage more people to use bikes instead of cars.


Newscast: Earthquake in Nepal (Advanced)

Essential Question: How can we prepare for natural disasters?

Content Objective: Make inferences about why the earthquake was so devastating in Nepal by analyzing the facts on a graphic organizer. 

Vocabulary: aftershocks, plates, faults, scale, stranded, recover, devastating

Summary: Recently, a violent earthquake affected the mountainous country of Nepal and its surrounding areas. Many thousands of people have died as a result of the earthquake and its aftershocks. Many were injured or stranded and even more have lost their homes.

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