Weekly Update for 4/24/15

Blog Post for 4/24/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Cherry Blossoms in Japan (Novice)

Earth Hour in Paris (Intermediate)

Eagle Flies From World’s Tallest Building (Advanced)


Newscast: Cherry Blossoms in Japan (Novice)

Essential Question: How do different cultures contribute to other nations?

Content Objective: Explain why Cherry Blossom trees are special gifts in one sentence.

  • Vocabulary: festival, fresh start, brought, gift, blossoms, bloom

Summary: Japan is celebrating its Cherry Blossom Festival. Every year in March, people in Tokyo come together to honor the cherry blossom trees. They celebrate with parties, boat rides, and picnics with family and friends.


Newscast: Earth Hour in Paris (Intermediate)

Essential Question: How can everyone help to conserve energy?

Content Objective: Justify the importance of the Earth Hour in Paris by using supporting details in a discussion.

Vocabulary: Global climate change, fossil fuels, monument, keep track of, reduce, conserve(conservation)

Summary: On Saturday, March 28th, countries around the world celebrated Earth Hour, an event organized by the World Wildlife Foundation. People turned off their lights for one hour to encourage energy conservation and help the environment.


Newscast: Eagle Flies From World’s Tallest Building (Advanced)

Essential Question: How do humans impact the natural world?

Content Objective: Compare conservation efforts in Dubai to efforts in the US by completing a Venn Diagram.

Vocabulary: conservationist, handler, aerial views, threatened species, paraglider, falconry (falconers), perch

Summary: Recently a video captured a rare eagle flying from the top of the world’s tallest building down to its handler’s arm. The eagle, named Darshan, completed the journey perfectly with a tiny camera attached to its back for the whole flight, providing viewers with impressive aerial views of the huge city.

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