Weekly Update for 4/10/15

Blog Post for 4/10/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Chinese Lanterns (Novice)

Cat Island in Japan (Intermediate)

Robot Goes to School (Advanced)


Newscast: Chinese Lanterns (Novice)

Essential Question: How do people from different cultures celebrate important events?

Content Objective: Compare and contrast New Year’s celebrations in China to New Year’s celebrations in the United States in a Venn diagram.

  • Vocabulary: lantern, New Year, shape, set free, to light (lighted), make a wish, let it go

Summary: All around China, people are making lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In many countries in Asia, people celebrate the New Year in February and March.


Newscast: Cat Island in Japan (Intermediate)

Essential Question: How does access to resources influence societies?

Content Objective: Summarize the problem on Aoshima Island by creating a headline.

  • Vocabulary: overpopulated, fleet, remaining, flocking, drop in, to deal with, forage

Summary: Aoshima Island, once renowned for its great fishing fleet is now known as “Cat Island”. Years ago the island was home to hundreds of residents, but today there are only 22 remaining residents and 120 cats.


Newscast: Robot Goes to School (Advanced)

Essential Question: What drives innovations in technology?

Content Objective: Devise a new application for robot technology by creating an advertisement.

  • Vocabulary: improves, device, control remotely, eco-friendly, battery-powered, enhance

Summary: Recently, Cole Fritz, a junior at Commodore Perry High School in Mercer County, Pennsylvania was injured and has not been able to attend school. To help him keep up with his school-work, a robot attends class for him on a daily basis.

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