Weekly Update for 1/9/15

Blog Posting for 1/9/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Cheetah Cub K-3

New US Cuban Relations 4-8

Wingsuit Daredevil 3-5

White Rhinos Face Extinction 4-8


Newscast: Cheetah Cub K-3

Essential Question: What does cheetah cub Ruuxa do to stay active and social?

Vocabulary: Cheetah, antisocial, interact, exercise

Learning Objectives:

– Explain that Raina, a puppy dog, is helping to teach Ruuxa, a cheetah cub, to           interact with other animals.

– Identify cheetahs as the fastest land mammal.

Summary: A 7-month-old cheetah cub, Ruuxa, was full of energy as he sprinted and chased his puppy companion, Raina, during a training session at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The male cheetah cub and Raina, a female Rhodesian ridgeback, playfully wrestled and ran around the large enclosure. The cheetah and dog are often brought to this open area so that they can play off of their leashes and reach full running speeds chasing each other around.


Newscast: New US Cuban Relations 4-8

Essential Question: How is the relationship between the US and Cuba potentially changing?

Vocabulary: Communism, Fidel Castro, democracy, embargo, embassies, Congress

Learning Objectives:

– Explain why the US first placed an embargo on Cuba.

– Define embargo in their own words.

– Explain why President Obama wants to lift the embargo.

Summary: After decades of tension between the US and Cuban governments, President Barack Obama has taken executive action to change US policy toward Cuba. The two countries have been at odds since 1961 when Cuba became a communist nation under Fidel Castro. Today, Fidel’s younger brother, Raul Castro rules Cuba.


Newscast: Wingsuit Daredevil 3-5

Essential Question: Why did Nathan Jones jump off a cliff in the French Alps?

Vocabulary: parachute, wingsuit, BASE jumping, skydiving, charity, human rights

Learning Objectives:

– Define BASE jumping as a kind of flying where people jump from a fixed     object wearing a special suit and parachute.

– Explain how Nathan Jones and his friends started a charity to raise money through BASE jumping.

– Identify clean water as a basic human right and something that all humans            need in order to survive.

Summary: Recently, Nathan Jones, an Australian daredevil, successfully completed the world’s first air-to-ground high-five. Jones jumped off a cliff in the French Alps wearing a wingsuit and glided down to only a few yards above the ground. He then flew straight through a large model hand held by his friend, who was standing on the ground. After successfully completing the high-five, Jones soared back up above the trees and released a parachute, finally landing safely in the field below.


Newscast: White Rhinos Face Extinction 4-8

Essential Question: Why are Northern White Rhinos facing extinction?

Vocabulary: reserve, conservationists, preservationists, species, habitat, poaching, extinction, breeding, global climate change, deforestation, World Wildlife Fund

Learning Objectives:

– Identify the Northern White Rhino as one of the largest species of rhinos. Also        identify that five white rhinos remain in the world and that they are facing    extinction.

– Define extinction in their own words.

– Explain why poaching is a major problem and what is being done to try to stop it.

Summary: The recent deaths of a Northern White Rhino in San Diego and in Kenya has many conservationists and animal lovers concerned about the species. With the loss of the two rhinos, there are now only five northern white rhinos left on earth. All five live in captivity.

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