Weekly Update for 12/5/14

Blog Posting for 12/5/2014

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Otter Pup Rescued K-2

Michael Brown Verdict 3-5

Frozen Disney Kingdom in Belgium K-2

Sistine Chapel Restoration 3-5


Newscast: Otter Pup Rescued K-2

Essential Question: How is the rescued baby sea otter being cared for?

Vocabulary: sea otter, marine, orphan, pup, rely, grooming, foraging, regulate, rehabilitate

Learning Objectives:

– Explain some ways that veterinarians at the Shedd Aquarium are taking care of   the baby sea otter.

Summary: The Shedd Aquarium serves as a sanctuary and exhibit for a large variety of marine life. Recently, the aquarium has taken in a five-week-old orphaned southern sea otter pup. The female otter pup, who remains unnamed, was found crying for help and separated from her mother on the coast of Southern California.


Newscast: Michael Brown Verdict 3-5

Essential Question: What are the bigger issues behind the Michael Brown verdict?

Vocabulary: jury, indict, protestors, verdict, injustice, surrender, racial profiling, humane, Brown vs. Board of Education, unconstitutional, civil rights movement, segregation, racism

Learning Objectives:

– Explain the grand jury’s verdict and why so many people disapprove.

– Define racial profiling in their own words and explain how it factors in to the       Michael Brown verdict.

– Define the 1954 Supreme Court case of Brown vs. Board of Education as the       case that declared establishing separate public schools for black and white     students to be unconstitutional.

Summary: A grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri has decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the wrongful death of Michael Brown. The suburb of St. Louis has been in the national spotlight since Brown was shot and killed by officer Wilson in August. The decision by the grand jury means Wilson will not be put on trial to determine whether or not he is guilty of killing Brown.


Newscast: Frozen Disney Kingdom in Belgium K-2

Essential Question: What was featured in the Disney Dreams Ice Festival?

Vocabulary: sculpture, Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, shovel, hatchet, saw

Learning Objectives:

– Explain the process by which water turns into an ice sculpture.

– Identify Walt Disney as a famous American cartoonist and filmmaker.

Summary: Ice sculptors from all over the world have come to Belgium to create Disney-themed ice sculptures for this year’s Disney Dreams Ice Festival. Over 80 artists from 12 different countries are using their imaginations and artistic skills to make creative sculptures of Disney characters and scenes from large blocks of ice.


Newscast: Sistine Chapel Restoration 3-5

Essential Question: Why is the Sistine Chapel undergoing restoration?

Vocabulary: Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, Pope, sacred, frescoes, Italian Renaissance, murals, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, altar, scaffold, perspiration, carbon dioxide, airflow, humidity

Learning Objectives:

– Identify the Sistine Chapel as home to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic           Church, as well a popular tourist destination with elaborate artwork inside.

– Define a fresco as a painting that is painted onto wet plaster and makes a             permanent imprint into the wall or ceiling.

– Identify Michelangelo as the Italian Renaissance artist who painted the ceiling of             the Sistine Chapel.

– Briefly explain why The Vatican is implementing new restoration technologies    and how they will help preserve the Sistine Chapel frescoes.

Summary: Recently, The Vatican unveiled new high-tech, energy-saving lighting and air purification systems to protect the 500-year-old works of art inside the Sistine Chapel from damage caused by ever-growing crowds of tourists. The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City is one of the most visited buildings in the world. The chapel is the home of the Pope, the leader of the Catholic church. It was built between 1473 and 1481.

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