Weekly Update for 6/5/15

Blog Post for 6/5/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Bears Chase Tourists at Yellowstone Park (Novice)

Paper Airplane Competition (Intermediate)

Cajon Festival in Peru (Advanced)


Newscast: Bears Chase Tourists at Yellowstone Park (Novice)

Essential Question: How do living things respond to changes in the environment?

Content Objective: Infer why the bears chased the tourists using a graphic organizer.

Vocabulary: hibernate, omnivores, wildlife, protect

Summary: A black bear and three of her cubs ran into a group of tourists at Yellowstone National Park. The bear ran along the bridge behind the tourists and her cubs tagged along behind her. The tourists took lots of pictures, but tried to keep a safe distance from the bears.


Newscast: Paper Airplane Competition (Intermediate)

Essential Question: How do we become innovators?

Content Objective: Test a hypothesis by making and flying a paper airplane in groups.

Vocabulary: flips and tricks, furthest throw, glide, aerobatics, fold, spin


Summary: Recently, the fourth ever World Paper Airplane Championship was held in Salzburg, Austria. Of the 46,000 people from around the world who applied to take part in the competition, only 200 were invited to the finals.



Newscast: Cajon Festival in Peru (Advanced)

Essential Question: How does physical geography affect economic and cultural expansion?

Content Objective: Describe the historical events that led to the cultural exchange between Africa and Peru on a timeline.

Vocabulary: slave traders, finished goods, raw material, textiles, timber

Summary: Recently, thousands of people from all over Peru came to the capital, Lima, to attend the eighth Peruvian Cajon Festival. This festival honors the cajón, a traditional Afro-Peruvian percussion instrument.


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