Weekly Update for 5/22/15

Blog Post for 5/22/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Cliff Divers in Colombia (Novice)

Macaws in Caracas (Intermediate)

Revolutionary War French Replica Ship (Advanced)


Newscast: Cliff Divers in Colombia (Novice)

Essential Question: How do different cultures use their physical environment for recreation?

Content Objective: Categorize details about diving off of a Diving Board and Cliff Diving in Colombia in a compare and contrast activity with a Venn Diagram with a partner.

Vocabulary: dive, cliff diving, diving board, compete, athletes, bravery, splash

Summary: Recently, the best cliff divers in the world competed in Colombia. For this event, the divers jumped off of a platform that was 90 feet above the water. That is as tall as an eight-story building.


Newscast: Macaws in Caracas (Intermediate)

Essential Question: How do living creatures interact and adapt within a particular environment?

Content Objective: Identify and categorize facts about macaws in Caracas by using a chart with a partner.

Vocabulary: macaw, parrot, inspiration, breed, native, threatened

Summary: In the skies above the large city of Caracas, hundreds of colorful macaws fly freely. The macaws provide the city with a touch of color and inspiration while helping citizens briefly escape the chaos of the Venezuelan capital. In the 1970s Vittorio Poggi, a resident of Caracas, began to breed macaws on top of his roof. After the birds were old enough, he would release them. His birds have been multiplying ever since. Today they are all over the city.


Newscast: Revolutionary War French Replica Ship (Advanced)

Essential Question: What was the relationship among the nations and participants in the American Revolutionary War?

Content Objective: Construct a short essay describing why students would like to see the warship replica, what it would teach them, and how it would impact their lives by brainstorming in small groups then writing the essay independently.

Vocabulary: warship, replica, revolution, voyage, frigate, maneuverable, patriots

Summary: A life-size French warship replica that played a large role in the American Revolution has been built in France. The ship, L’Hermione, became famous for transporting the French General Lafayette from France to the US during the war. Lafayette was a key figure in the American Revolution when he fought for the colonial armies and helped them achieve victory over the British.

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