Weekly Update for 5/1/15

Blog Post for 5/1/2015

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Kite Festival in China (Novice)

Monkeying With the Internet in India (Intermediate)

Russian Ballerina in London (Advanced)


Newscast: Kite Festival in China (Novice)

Essential Question: What do we learn from foreign cultures?

Content Objective: Inform others about the origin of kites and how kites are used and match pictures to explanations.

  • Vocabulary: kite, fly (flown), long, invented

Summary: Every year, lots of people attend a kite festival in China. People from around the world fly their kites of all different shapes and sizes. This year’s festival was exciting, because a kite called “Centipede with a Dragon’s Head” was flown. This kite is special because it is the longest kite that has ever been made.


Newscast: Monkeying With the Internet in India (Intermediate)

Essential Question: What are potential solutions to global issues today?

Content Objective: Propose a possible solution for the monkey problem using a problem-solving strategy.

  • Vocabulary: expect, wires, bite, sacred, stable connection

Summary: The city of Varanasi in India is struggling with a monkey crisis. Every year, many tourists come to the city and expect to have Internet access in their hotels. However, Varanasi’s streets are crowded with monkeys, which climb on top of the wires and bite through them. As a result of monkeys biting through the wires, it can be very hard to get internet in the city.


Newscast: Russian Ballerina in London (Advanced)

Essential Question: How do different cultures contribute to other nations?

Content Objective: Explain the art of ballet by summarizing the information from the newscast.

  • Vocabulary: ballet, ballerina, performance, widespread, worldwide, pointe, roles

Summary: For the second year in a row, Russian ballerina Natalia Osipova has continued to wow audiences as the principal ballerina at the Royal Ballet in London.

Many of Natalia’s performances with the Royal ballet have been critically acclaimed and have won her multiple awards. Natalia has been performing for British audiences for many years and her widespread popularity largely began in London.

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