Weekly Update for 10/10/14

Blog Posting for 10/10/2014

This week news4kids.org aired the following stories:

Guinness World Records K-2

Greek Tomb Unearthed 3-5

Training a Komodo Dragon K-2

Urban Indian Monkeys 3-5

Newscast: Guinness World Records K-2

Essential Question: How long has Guinness World Records been in business?

Vocabulary: achievement, edition, record, Guinness World Records

Learning Objectives:

– Identify the Guinness World Records books as a series that celebrates          impressive achievements of people who break world records in different    categories.

Summary: The Guinness World Records book is celebrating 60 years of record-breaking achievements with a new book highlighting many new records. The latest edition features a number of funny record-breakers. Students learn about the world’s smallest camper and the world’s largest golf club.

Newscast: Greek Tomb Unearthed 3-5

Essential Question: Who is Alexander the Great, and what is Macedonia?

Vocabulary: province, archaeologist, Macedonia, sphinx, pilaster, Ionic, capital, fresco, excavation, Alexander the Great, Aristotle, empire, conquer

Learning Objectives:

– Define an archaeologist in everyday language.

– Identify Alexander the Great as a powerful military commander and ruler of          the Macedonian Empire.

– Identify Macedonia as a Greek province that was once a vast empire.

Summary: In 2012, archaeologists began excavating a site now believed to be the entrance to an ancient Macedonian tomb, dating back to approximately 300 BCE. As of now, this site appears to be the largest tomb discovered in Greece, which has led archaeologists to believe that it belonged to a prominent Macedonian figure. Some people speculate that it may be a link to Alexander the Great, a powerful military commander and ruler of the Macedonian Empire.

Newscast: Training a Komodo Dragon K-2

Essential Question: How are the zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo training Sunny?

Vocabulary: komodo dragon, lizard, carnivore, Indonesia, target, footage

Learning Objectives:

– Identify komodo dragons as the largest living lizard

– Define some of the komodo dragon’s key characteristics

– Explain how the zookeepers are training Sunny the komodo dragon.

Summary: Sunny is a 14-year-old komodo dragon at the San Diego Zoo. Currently, he’s being trained by his zookeepers to follow yellow signs, so that his handlers don’t have to pick him up to clean his enclosure. The movement involved in following the yellow signs also gives Sunny the daily exercise that he requires.

Newscast: Urban Indian Monkeys 3-5

Essential Question: Why are monkeys overrunning the city of Agra?

Vocabulary: sacred, revere, avatar, exterminate, habitat, deforestation, Hinduism, Lord Hanuman

Learning Objectives:

– Explain how monkeys, along with other animals such as cows, are    considered sacred in Hinduism

– Identify Hinduism as the third largest religion in the world

– Identify the dangers that monkeys pose to Agra residents

– Explain why feeding the monkeys only adds to the problem

– Define deforestation, and explain why this process is driving monkeys from            their natural habitat

       Summary: Residents of the city of Agra in the north of India are facing an ever-growing problem, as thousands of monkeys have moved into the city and made the streets their new home. The locals have not captured or exterminated the bothersome monkeys because the Hindu community in India reveres monkeys, like all animals.

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